How it all began … – Christmas 1996

It must have been autumn of the year 1996. Christmas was coming. On a bleak Sunday afternoon, I was traveling with my parents when I was 7 years old in the old town of the Eifel town Monschau. And right in the middle – a model railway business. I was so fascinated by these little model trains that were exhibited there, which in the following days / weeks thought only one thing … Christmas should the little Christ child be a railroad – in H0! And the best one from Märklin! Because if so, already!
Still fascinated, I discovered days later in our regional TV newspaper an ad of the former “toys model railway direct shipment” from Sindelfingen, better known under the acronym “SMDV”, which promoted among others with a range of model railways. With stamps amounting to 4 DM as a nominal fee I ordered (at that time still by post office!) The house catalog.
After its arrival one saw me in the following days and weeks only with catalog in the proximity. However, I did not have a special railroad in view, because all were too interesting.

So it came as it had to come … Christmas was the starting pack 29505 under the Christmas tree. However, the Christ child forgot to take off the price tag, so that there was still the price of 299 marks on it. Only in retrospect did I realize that it must have been the most expensive Christmas present I’ve ever received.

My first starter pack – Märklin 29505

Included in the starter kit was according to Collection:

  • 1 x Tender Locomotive 3003 (BR 24)
  • 1 x Covered freight waggon with tail light 4411
  • 1 x stake car 4459
  • 1 x crane guard 4471
  • 1 x Open Freight Car 4582
  • 1 x crane truck KRUPP-ARDELT 4671
  • C track material for an oval with overtaking track
  • Transformer 6647

It was one of the first starter packs with the new C-Track ever, as well as (luckily!) A Delta Digital Decoder, which was able to produce a slimmed-down version of the Märklin Motorola Protocol. However, I operated it only in analog mode (all DIP switches were set to 0) on the good old Märklin transformer 6647th